If England has J. K. Rowling and the wizard Harry Potter, we have Luisa Fortes da Cunha and fairy Teodora. The scale is much smaller, and Teodora not yielded yet to Luisa a fortune that the little wizard has surrendered to Rowling, but the limitless imagination and the ability to dream with magical worlds is common to both. Surely if Teodora and Harry Potter cross each other they will be friends or maybe a romantic pair...
In Tribune Islands newspaper.


In this adventure of Theodora, the main character will have to find a crystal called "the ice that burns," substance which will show as the fuel of the future. The existing reserves of ice that burns throughout the Earth is twice the number of all the energy that exists in coal, oil and gas. The story begins when Theodora is threatened by Pooka. The malevolent fairy wants to do something bad to Theodora’s sister (Angela). The meeting with her sister is inevitable and that Angela enjoyment of everything that exists in the world Parallel is required to raise the visibility of the ointment in their eyes. The wizard Saramago shows Theodora the personal diary of Angela that holds a secret that will prove very important for humanity. The Annual Meeting of Faires place is in the Azorean island of Faial, and Theodora leaves the volcano to solve the task. Theodora is moving to the east coast of the United States, by the way discovers the secret of the Bermuda Triangle and therefore, is the explanation for the sinking of ships and planes falling in the area. After overcoming the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle, Theodora, Gil, Alex and Arthur, reach the beautiful Buzzards Bay near the city of New Bedford (the only city in America that restored three historic lighthouses). It is the beacon of Clark's Point to find a language enigmatic, a former writing of the eighteenth and nineteenth century --- the language WAMPANOAG of Massachusetts. After decipher the message and fight with a monster able to transform into various beings, Theodora and friends travel to Boston meeting the Mount of Mystery, better known as the Stonehenge of America. There are Pomola, a spirit with head-mouse, the eagle wings and body. He chairs the time, the cold and comes from the sacred mountain of Abenaki in Katahdin (Maine).It is in this meeting that she knows that they will have to travel to the west coast of America to find the key that opens the door of the ice that burns. After passing many obstacles: the Niagara waterfalls, throuth the Grand Canyon at the back of five grifos that lead up to the Yosemite Park in California, visiting the Grizzly Giant which is the largest sequoia in the world together with Tisayac, the guardian of Yosemite -- more dangers expect our friends.
But after passing San Francisco and Ring Mountain, they would come face to face with the Monte Shasta volcano, which would reveal the secrets of the Lost Continents. There, they would discover an underground city with it's living descendants of the lost continent, the LEMURIA.
... And a great adventure continues here.

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We need an American Publisher for Teodora

The whole adventure is in USA. The translation for America is done. Only lack a publisher interested in this bestseller

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